Hellenic-Thai Chamber of Commerce (HTCC)

Building a bridge from the Aegean to the Andaman


Who we are

The Hellenic-Thai Chamber of Commerce (HTCC) provides leadership and support the needs of the Greek and Thai business community and facilitate its members overall cultural integration. The HTCC accomplishes this task through multiple functions.



HTCC focuses on the opportunities available for investors in both countries, investigating sectors of potential mutual interest and cooperation.  We identify and highlight to our members how such opportunities can serve to create new business or expand existing operations from one nation to the other.


HTCC provides support for Greek people living, working and doing business in Thailand.  A forum for Greek expats to share their social, business and cultural experiences and provide assistance to each other.


HTCC also shares its network contacts in both nations to the advantage of its membership.  Through our established contacts and decades of on-the-ground experience, we provide facilitation in accomplishing our member’s goals.  HTCC offers links to public and private organizations, people meeting people face to face for mutual understanding and better cooperation.


With enough interest and support, the HTCC which started as a Commerce Council, transformed into the Hellenic-Thai Chamber of Commerce to combine all the above into one official channel recognized by both governments.

Promise for the future starts with participation in the present.

We hope we can count on yours today.